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Whether you were an active member of the teams that created a dynasty or you've only started your running journey recently, celebrate your private school education in this locally designed and created tech fabric running styled shirt.


The BibSquare line weight is much more faint then it is in this illustration.


Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will benefit the current running programs helmed by Greg Bielecki, for them to use as they see fit.


Orders will be taken until there are at least 24 pieces. Production and delivery will take another 3.5 weeks. Order yours now!


We hope to begin delivering by July 15, 2024 so that you may have yours to wear before the bragging rights in Sea Isle city for the Captain Gallagher Bear Run on August 10, 2024 in Sea Isle, NJ


As these will be created for your order there are no returns and no exchanges.

LaSalle College HS Alumni singlet

July 15, 2024
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